All about your Github account, public and private activity, stars, followers and much more


Starhub, is an open source project based on many other applications, it is meant to be a central location for Github's users that wants to get some extra features about their accounts, being a community project any contribution is more than welcome

This application is developed by:

[email protected]
[email protected]


You can open an issue anytime you have questions, suggestions, feature requests or anything else :)


This project is based on:

- Watchub by @caarlos0
- Starhub by @hanula
- Startrack by @seladb
- Cookie-Notice by @AOEpeople
- HTML-Preview by @niutech
- Profile-Summary by @tipsy
- Down-Git by @MinhasKamal
- Github-ID by @caius
- Github-ID by @pingao777
- Github-Corners by @tholman
- Github-Gazer by @pingao777
- Github-Stats by @byliuyang
- Github-Profile by @thundernet8
- Github-View by @razat249
- Github-Widget by @smuyyh
- Github-Release-Stats by @Somsubhra
- Github-Activity by @caseyscarborough
- A stackoverflow question

Fork It


Clone the projects

git clone [email protected]:Github-Web-Apps/Starhub.git
cd Starhub


Install Go 1.11+ and run the following command to install the needed packages

make setup


Build command:

make build

Database Setup

Install and start postgres service then run:

createdb watchub
forsql in ./migrations/*; do psql watchub -f $sql; done

Tunnel With Ngrok

To test the entire flow, you’ll need to install ngrok, after the installation run:

ngrok http 3000

Register With Github

On github, fill the form with the following informations:

  1. Application name: starhub-dev-username
  2. Application description: empty (not required)
  3. Authorization callback URL: http://your-ngrok-url/login/callback
  4. Homepage url: the ngrok http forwarding url, e.g.

Export Settings:

export GITHUB_CLIENT_ID="Client-ID"
export GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET="Client-Secret"

Run It:

go run main.go

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